sábado, 5 de mayo de 2012

The virtual life

Life is too good to lose it unnecessarily in front of a computer screen, tablet or mobile, with virtual and shallow relationships. It's funny because this week I was reading a Spanish newspaper and the editor wrote something like this: "...people talk for long hours through the Web and when you have a friend or family close or nearby,they speak and answer in monosyllables." And the article went on the issue. I absolutely agree with the noble editor. I only use MSN for video conferencing with my family and some friends once in a while. I'd rather prefer "real and true" relationships. Okay, the web is very good for many things, such as educational or leisure things; and sometimes, for long-distance conversations with loved ones or acquaintances. But "the unhealthy addiction" to social networking or whatever kind of "virtual life" is something that contrary to what many may suppose, is totally "unrealistic" not to say "empty","hollow and shallow". It is impossible to imagine the world without the Internet today, but it is time to try and prove real relationships, real and lasting relationships with close people and leave the Web for leisure, studies, information, jobs, searches and queries. I don't have absolutely nothing against the "blessed" (sometimes cursed) Web. I entered the computer world in my childhood and I have courses and assgnments. But it's time to going back to the real world with people with warm and real blood, not virtual and unreal empty life.

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