martes, 24 de noviembre de 2009



Around four and a half billion years of Terrestrial evolution. Prehistory, history, Middle Ages and contemporary. Space Age! At least three hundred thousand years of human evolution. Century XXI.2009/2010. We are seven billion people in this tiny, but very rich blue Planet with the greatest bio-diversity of the Galaxy.
(In my very humble opinion) - We've developed! We are the primates and Omnipotent masters of the World and of a few miserable kilometers/miles of the Universe. At least we have already set foot on the moon, around 384.000km. (207.343 miles)
Paradoxically, we are the most important beings and also the worst of the worst ones on the Planet. If we live the space and nanotechnology age, why are we not able to create a less heterogeneous society? I do not want to allude to the Utopian Socialism of Carl Max and Engels because I believe that man is not noble enough to really adopt it.
I also do not have nothing against the Capitalism of Adam Smith and his representatives multi-billionaires in the list of Forbes magazine. Rich and poor people will always exist. If everyone had ten million dollars, who would sweep the streets and throw away the trash?
Poverty is acceptable. Nobody needs a Rolls-Royce, a yacht or a Lear-Jet to live. The only thing that is socially and morally unacceptable is the human misery.
We are supposed to think that the politicians are political precisely because they think so. But a huge plenty of people still live in absolute poverty and die of hunger and starvation every day. The images of a starving Africa and adults and children trying to eat the garbage like rats and vultures in an Asia and Latin America also miserable, speak for themselves. We also can't forget the complete intellectual poverty. The most difficult challenge.
If all forms of power can corrupt and the political leaders do not find a solution to eradicate poverty on the planet, there is only one alternative. Or those miserable people rebel and seize power and establish anarchy before they also get corrupted, seen that is intrinsic not to corrupt, or the World really has no solution.

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