jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2009


What happened to the young Geyse Arruda, at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, because of a short dress, went around the world. I live in Europe and the news here, "peppered" in all media. And with reason. The student was beaten, insulted and threatened with sexual violation inside the University. That is extremely worrying, because if a university is the intellectual elite of a society, what to expect from the great mass of non"academic" ones?
If these more than seven hundred people, including guards and staff college, defiled the student, represents a portion of a society, then, "there is something rotten in that society."
This should be the object of study for sociologists, psychologists, philosophers, anthropologists and historians.
The great paradox is whether there is a thought of some cultural and moral values pre-determined in a free society like Brazil. And so, the reaction of hostility against Geyse, for not corresponding to those values of behavior with her "lewd" dress. Or, on the other hand, if this mass hysteria reflects just the opposite. That is, the total moral decadence and loss of basic values such as respect and common and critical sense.
Another major paradox is that victim and aggressors are not Muslims and the episode did not happen in any Islamic country with strict laws and deep Orthodox rules to dress up, especially women, with the Burka of shame and degradation.
Contradicting Darwin, the more likely it is that this is all symptoms of "regression of the species, not the evolution, as humanity is supposed to be. Are our prehistoric ancestors or "thugs"/"trogloditas" supposed to act like that? I have a clear theory about human behavior of some species, or rather, sub-species, but that's a subject or issue to the next article.

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